Sonntag, 7. Mai 2023 11:00 Uhr
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Expat Expo Zug

Die Expat-Expo Aussteller richtet sich an englisch sprechende Personen die im Kanton Zug leben und arbeiten.

"Expat-Expo...not just for expats! We welcome all English-speakers to come to an exhibition that guarantees to enhance your lifestyle in Switzerland...whether you are here for a week or a lifetime... join us for a day of discovery!In the space of an afternoon, you will find important goods
and services such as doctors, accountants and lawyers, schools and day-care, clubs and churches, even specialty food items and much more." 

Öffnungszeiten: 11.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Veranstalter: Expat Expo



Lorzensaal Cham
Dorfplatz 3
CH-6330 Cham


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