Accessibility for the hearing impaired

The Lorzensaal has induction loops for those with a hearing impairment, which significantly improve the intelligibility of speech at an event.

Information for buying tickets:

The induction loops are only located in the parquet flooring area of the Lorzensaal (without daises); please be aware of this when you order a ticket for an event.

Wheelchair accessibility

Most rooms in the Lorzensaal Cham are accessible to wheelchairs. Visitors with limited mobility and wheelchair users can access the Foyer direct from both the main and side entrances. The seminar rooms are either located on the ground floor or accessible via the stair lift. The Saal (main hall) area is accessible on the ground floor from the Foyer side entrance.

We recommend that visitors with limited mobility arriving in their own car contact our management team on telephone no. +41 (0)41 723 89 89. We are happy to reserve a parking space in the Lorze car park and arrange for the side entrance to the Foyer to be opened for you.

Information for buying tickets:

The parquet flooring area in the Lorzensaal Cham is tiered during theatrical performances. Seats 1 and 2 and seats 22 and 23 in row 17 are reserved for wheelchairs at these times. If you can negotiate steps with your wheelchair, space is available for you at the end of the other rows. Please do not purchase tickets for inside seats, as the rows of seats are continuous. If you are unsure, please contact your event organiser direct or our management team on telephone no. +41 (0)41 723 89 89.

OK:GO Initiative Förderverein Barrierefreie Schweiz

Selbstbestimmt Reisen mit Mobilitätseinschränkungen: Dank OK:GO Zugänglichkeitsinformationen auf einen Blick​.

Unter der Rubrik Anreise finden Sie die detaillierten Informationen und Beschriebe mit den Zugänglichkeitsinformationen

Information Zugang mit Rollstuhl

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