KMKK - Kleine und mittlere Kongress- und Kulturzentren der Schweiz

The association for small and medium-sized conference centres in Switzerland (KMKK) was founded in November 2016. The Lorzensaal Cham is an active founder member.


KTV ATP - Vereinigung KünstlerInnen, Theater, VeranstalterInnen

The Lorzensaal Cham is a member of the KTV ATP, the association for artists, theatre and event promoters. The KTV ATP in Switzerland is a national interest group working in the area of the professional performing arts. It was founded in 1975. The group is organised as an association and joins together actors, artists, organisers, promoters and agents under one roof.


ZUGWEST economic area - the strongest regional networking platform

In the ZUGWEST economic area association, the communities of Cham, Hünenberg and Risch combine their energies and efficiently utilise synergies to maintain a collective location profile and actively cultivate the local economy. In a short period of time, the association has established itself as a significant economic organisation.



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