Lorzensaal with stage

The star of the spaces we offer is undoubtedly the Lorzensaal with the two daises and adjacent Foyer. This multifunctional hall can be changed almost at will to become something new – one day a theatre seating up to 700 people, the next a ceremonial hall with round tables to create a special setting for your banquet or wedding.

Amazingly adaptable

As an event organiser, you will usually have to accept what a hall provides and adapt accordingly. However, at the Lorzensaal we do the complete opposite. Here, the hall is configured to match your requirements. Podiums and platforms that can be lowered allow an event to be designed on one or more levels, and the hall can also be made larger or smaller – even during the actual event, if you so wish. Also, the outstanding acoustics in the hall, modern stage technology and several dressing rooms will all serve to help turn your event at the Lorzensaal into an unforgettable experience.


  konzert Concert
konsumation Food and drink
bankett Banquet
(round, for 8)
plenum Seminar:
seminar Seminar:
apero Drinks
Lorzensaal mit Estraden 454 m² 700 500 330 200 60 700
Lorzensaal ohne Estraden 272 m² 480 288 200 130 60 400

Virtual tour of the Lorzensaal

Impressions of the Lorzensaal

Our stage equipment

The hall’s excellent acoustics and modern stage technology ensure that every event is presented at its best. Below is a summary of the available lighting and sound infrastructure.

Lighting system:

Fully programmable ETC Ion lighting console

Sound systlotem:

Yamaha QL-5 sound console with iPad navigation in the technology management system, various Shure microphones (hand-held microphone, headset, lavalier/Revere, desk microphone, lectern), PA, ClearCom, intercom, radio equipment, induction loop for the hearing-impaired


Automated screen behind main curtain, Barco RLM-W12 projector (12,000 lumen)


Hall podiums that can be lowered (various heights), orchestra podium, lifting walls left/right/back


Orchestra shell (concert walls, ceiling sail), stage furnishings (aisles, tubular lamps, drop scenes, Opera projection screen), Schnackenberg podiums, piano, platforms for theatre/concert seating, several dressing rooms in the basement

Booking enquiries & price information

We would be delighted to put together a bespoke package for you. Contact us. We look forward to welcoming you!



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