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Lake Zug is only five minutes away

Exchange the hustle and bustle for nature, the lake and an Alpine panorama. This is what is on offer at Cham in the heart of Switzerland. With around 15,000 inhabitants, Cham is really a town, but one that is still characterised by its rural feel. For example, Cham has retained its open spaces on the side of the beautiful Lake Zug, and even extended them and made them accessible to the public. A lovely example of this is Villette Park, barely 300 metres from the Lorzensaal Cham, which invites you to linger awhile.

Tourism in Cham

The perfect location in the heart of Switzerland and the centre of Europe. Cham, Hünenberg and Risch are some of the most attractive districts in Switzerland.

Tourism in Zug

Zug is small. But perfectly formed. Zug is compact. And close. Zug borders on the mountains. And has landscapes to die for. Zug has two lakes. And the most glorious sunsets. Zug is renowned for its cherries. And its business community. Zug is a wonderful place to live. To be, to visit. Zug is a delight.


Lorzensaal Cham
Dorfplatz 3
CH-6330 Cham


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