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There are always countless organisational matters to be dealt with when you hold an event. Sometimes urgent action is required and it is appropriate for guests to be cosseted. The Lorzensaal Cham has a well practised team of various specialists on site with many years’ experience and wide-ranging knowledge to deal with all these demands.

We are the hosts for the hosts

With plenty of passion, commitment and a constant smile, we work with you to ensure that your function is unique and a success. Meet our dedicated staff.

We look forward to meeting you and to your event!

Marianne Sidler

Marketing / Event Management

“Our Lorzensaal in Cham is like a goodie bag – it keeps on revealing new facets of itself. I love the contact I have with our clients and the diverse range of events they hold. With our committed team, we demand it of ourselves to get a really successful event off the ground.”

Tina Böni

Project Leader Events
Booking and Event Management

“As contact person for all issues relating to reservations, I value the personal contact I have with our wide range of promoters and their guests. This variety is what, for me, makes the Lorzensaal Cham a truly unique establishment.”

Pascal Ossio

Leiter Eventtechnik

Wenn viele Möglichkeiten wie bei uns im Lorzensaal geboten werden, muss sich die Technik den Bedürfnissen der Kunden anpassen. Sei es unsere Kunden in technischen Belange zu beraten, unser Technikteam zu koordinieren oder Ansprechpartner für alle Eventtechnik im Haus zu sein. All diese verzweigten Tätigkeitsfelder geben mir jeden Tag neue Herausforderungen, die mich ansprechen und erfüllen.

Silvan Gretener

Head of Event & Stage Technology, Graduate Sound Engineer

“Each event has different technical requirements. I find it really motivating to explore the possibilities with the clients and use my own experience to let the ideas flow. Getting the best possible lighting, pictures and sound for a successful event is a challenge I always enjoy setting myself.”

Karin Corrodi

Head of Service Crew Catering, part-time

“My service crew and I love looking after our guests and doing everything we can to make them feel comfortable here. I really enjoy working with my colleagues from other areas in the Lorzensaal Cham as we always work perfectly together. A must when there are so many different aspects to an event.”

Peter Lanz

Building Maintenance, Client Support,  
Safety Officer

“We work with a vast range of clients and needs. This is exciting and requires an instinctive flair. Because we have a great team, we can always present the perfect solution for a client’s wishes and set up the Hall accordingly.”

Daniel Holzgang

Building Maintenance, Client Support

“Our Lorzensaal Cham is packed full of state-of-the-art technology, and that’s what makes it so versatile. That’s why we have the most diverse range of events here, which makes my work in Building & Event Technology interesting and challenging.”

Sandro Schgör

Building Maintenance Client Support

“I relish the wide range of jobs I have to do to set up the Lorzensaal Cham for the different functions. We constantly get continuing training here too, so our knowledge is kept right up to date.”

Manuela Hartmann

Head of Service Crew Catering, part-time

"Für mich gibt es nicht nur ‘den’ Lorzensaal, denn bei so unterschiedlichen Anlässen sind es eigentlich viele verschiedene Lorzensäle. Mal ist es der grosse, mal der kleine, mal der ernste, mal der lustige ... Das Schöne daran: Genauso wandelbar und lebendig wie unser Saal sind auch meine Arbeit und meine Begegnungen mit unseren Gästen."

Roman Fuchs

Allrounder Infrastructure & Facilities, part-time

“I enjoy taking care of the tidiness and cleanliness in and around our multi-faceted Lorzensaal Cham so that the infrastructure can run smoothly. Even as a part-time worker, I feel that I am a valued member of a well functioning team, and that makes me happy.”


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